Lysulin Powder


Lysulin Powder, a sweet flavored powder supplement you can take once per day to get your full daily dosage to help reduce your A1C levels. Add one scoop to your favorite morning beverage or in one cup of water.


Select One Time Purchase Or Subscription Plan

Choose from a one-time order or an automated renewal every 30 days and save $5 per bottle. Cancel any time.


A Natural Way to Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar and A1c Levels

Patented Formula

Lysulin is the patented discovery of a renowned Diabetes Scientist and supported by scientifically valid, clinical studies that show that the proprietary combination of natural ingredients in Lysulin can help people maintain healthy blood sugar and A1c levels.

Remove Glucose Naturally

Lysulin helps manage blood sugar by binding naturally to the glucose in your blood and safely removing it from your body. When taken daily, Lysulin has been clinically shown to help people maintain healthy blood sugar and A1c levels.


*Monthly Subscriptions automatically renew every 30 days on your anniversary date. Subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time.


  • Lysine:  3000 mg
  • Vitamin C:  300 mg
  • Zinc:  20 mg
  • Other ingredients: Rice Hulls (dessicant). Natural Lemonade flavor, Stevia
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