Our Story

Meet Dr. Burd

Founder / CEO

Lysulin was founded by Dr. John Burd, a renowned scientist in the diabetes community, and the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, the leader in Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. Dr. Burd is known for his award winning diabetes research. He discovered the critical link “protein glycation,” the toxic sugar coating that happens when glucose binds to and changes proteins in our blood stream. 

Dr. Burd has dedicated his career to helping people with diabetes and knows first hand how it can rob you of more than your health; It can disrupt your lifestyle and cause real emotional distress.  Dr. Burd has had 5 family members with diabetes including his brother Charlie, who was his primary motivation for developing Lysulin.

In 2018 ...

➧ In 2018, the company launched a first-in-class line of natural dietary supplements shown in published human clinical studies to remove excess glucose from the bloodstream, and promote healthy A1c levels and insulin function.  

➧ The flagship product contains a patented blend of Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin C and works by absorbing glucose like a sponge, so it can be safely removed from the body.   

➧ It’s the only nutritional blood sugar supplement with 6 patents and 4 published clinical studies showing its effectiveness.


In 2021 ...

➧ In 2021, the company introduced a first-of-its-kind weight loss shake that contains the patented Lysulin ingredients to help people with diabetes simultaneously control blood sugar and lose weight.  

➧ The shakes also act as a meal replacement and are specially formulated to help people with diabetes lose weight and keep it off. 


Type 2 diabetes is linked to being obese, so incorporating Lysulin into a weight loss shake was a natural evolution of the brand,” said Dr. John F. Burd, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lysulin, Inc. 

Offering a quick and easy way to get the nutrition that people with diabetes need, the new Lysulin Weight Loss Shakes are an important expansion of the Lysulin product line. Fifteen clinical studies show the effectiveness of meal replacements in losing weight and keeping the weight off.

Dr. John F. Burd

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lysulin, Inc.

Our Mission

For us, diabetes is personal. All of us at Lysulin know that we are doing a lot more than sharing great products. We are helping alleviate the stress of diabetes by offering safe, natural support at an affordable price. We are also committed to raising awareness for the importance of healthy blood sugar levels and healthy weight, and offering a delicious way to conveniently manage both.   We are gratified by the feedback we receive every day from people who tell us that Lysulin has made a real difference in their lives and we believe it can make a positive difference in yours. 

Our Formula

Lysulin is a patented formula of essential, natural nutrients that your body must have every day: Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin C. You consume them in your daily diet, but not at the levels needed to show a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels.

  • NLysulin provides a precise, clinically shown level of these nutrients shown to maintain healthy A1c blood sugar.
  • NLysulin provides effective, natural, safe, and affordable nutrition support for maintaining healthy insulin function.


Clinical studies on Lysine
Lysine is a building block of protein, an essential amino acid that must be provided in your daily diet because your body cannot produce it on its own. Lysine has been shown in clinical studies to react with glucose to lower blood sugar levels and reduce the level of glycated proteins. [Learn More]

Vitamin C

Clinical studies on vitamin C
Vitamin C has been shown in clinical studies to reduce fasting blood sugar levels. It is structurally similar to glucose and can replace glucose in chemical reactions. It is effective in preventing the formation of glycated protein in healthy people. [Learn More]


Clinical studies on Zinc
Zinc supports clearance of glucose from the blood, binds to receptors, activates signaling pathways and helps glucose uptake. Since the body does not store excess zinc, an adequate supply must be regularly consumed in the diet. Zinc is particularly beneficial as nutrition support for people with poor insulin function.[Learn More]

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