Lysulin Weight Loss Shake


How Lysulin Works

The Problem
Excess sugar in your bloodstream attaches to life-giving proteins, adversely affecting how these proteins are meant to work. As the amount of sugar-coated protein increases in your body, so does your A1c level. 


 The Solution
Lysulin helps to remove excess glucose from the body in order to maintain healthy A1c levels and proper functioning of your insulin receptors and works differently than any other product.

Lysulin’s formula is patented for its
unique ability to support the body in 3 ways.

Binds to excess blood sugar and protects life-giving proteins in your bloodstream.

  • Lysulin is the only dietary supplement shown in clinical tests to remove excess glucose from your bloodstream by acting like a sponge to safely remove excess glucose from your body.
  • Lysulin has also been shown in clinical tests to protect the hemoglobin proteins in your bloodstream that transport oxygen to your organs and keep all your cells healthy.


Absorbs glucose like a sponge

Lysulin helps maintain healthy A1c levels.

  • An A1c test measures average blood sugar over the past three months by looking at the percent of hemoglobin proteins in your blood that are coated with sugar.
  • A normal A1c level is below 5.7% and the higher your A1c, the greater your risk.
  • Lysulin has been clinically shown to help maintain healthy A1c levels when taken daily.

Support healthy insulin function.

  • By absorbing excess glucose from your bloodstream, Lysulin allows insulin to work properly with cell receptors to clear excess glucose and help your body maintain healthy insulin function.
  • When taken daily, Lysulin helps insulin receptors to function normally so you can maintain healthy glucose levels on an ongoing basis.


Lysulin is a patented formulation of essential nutrients that your body must have every day: Lysine, Zinc and Vitamin C. You consume them in your daily diet, but not at the levels needed to show a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels.

  • ELysulin provides a precise, clinically optimized level of these nutrients shown to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and A1c levels.
  • ELysulin provides effective, safe, and affordable nutrition support for maintaining healthy insulin function.
Lysulin Glucose Supplement


Clinical studies on Lysine
Lysine is a building block of protein, an essential amino acid that must be provided in your daily diet because your body cannot produce it on its own. Lysine has been shown in clinical and research studies to react with glucose and maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce the level of glycated proteins. 

Vitamin C

Clinical studies on Vitamin C
Vitamin C has been shown in clinical and research studies to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.  It is effective in preventing the formation of glycated protein in healthy people. 


Clinical studies on Zinc
Zinc supports clearance of glucose from the blood, binds to receptors, activates signaling pathways and helps glucose uptake. Since the body does not store excess zinc, an adequate supply must be regularly consumed in the diet. Zinc is particularly beneficial as nutrition support for people with poor insulin function.


Taste Great!
Tangy Berry-Flavored


Soft Capsules


1 Scoop Serving
Light-Lemon Flavor


Light Sweet Flavor
Gluten Free


Maintain Healthy Glucose/Lose Weight
Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors

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Lysulin 90 Day Success ComboPack
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